Aarc-people-search.com – Free Background Check and Phone Scan

The website Aarc-people-search.com is an online platform wherein users can perform reverse phone lookup or does a complete background check. Aarc-people-search.com clearly states on its platform that there is a free scan that users can take advantage of. If they’re satisfied and want a detailed report, then they can opt for a premium service. In opting for the paid or premium service, users will need to pay a monthly fee or a onetime fee that will enable them to access detailed reports online. Users are required to select an appropriate category on which research will be carried out.

How does Aarc-people-search.com work?

To get started with the scanning and checking process, you need to follow three simple steps.

  1. Provide your First Name
  2. Provide your Last Name
  3. Provide your State
  4.  Click ‘Search Now’ button

Once the above steps are followed, the search results will be made available to you.

Whilst the Background check will scan through the person’s public and criminal records, the Reverse phone lookup will check for business numbers, cell phone numbers, and landline details.

There are separate links available on the website to opt for these two services. Other search options that can also be availed by users include Local Records Check, Email Lookup, and Real Estate and Property Records.

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