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The website is dedicated to providing information about the lucky draw. If you have been a participant in this lucky draw competition to try out your luck, then you need to visit to find out if you have won something or not. The website provides the contact information of one Montu Da to get more information about this lucky draw competition.

To find out for yourself if luck has indeed favored you or not, you need to scroll down the website. Here, you’ll find a download link that contains the result of this draw. Alternatively, you can check out the photo gallery for the results. As per the details provided in the result copy, the event has been organized by Brick Field Sitala Bari Puja Committee and the draw took place on 22nd May 2018, on Tuesday. While the winning numbers are indicated on the right-hand side column, the prizes for the corresponding numbers are indicated on the left-hand side column. According to the organizing committee, some of the prize items up for grabs include Renault Duster, Ertiga, Mahindra KUV-100, Celerio, Royal Enfield, and Bajaj Avenger.

About Sitla Bari

Sitla Bari, an incarnation of the supreme goddess, Durga, is worshipped by many. It is believed that in worshipping the goddess, diseases like poxes, ghouls, sores, and pustules can be cured. Thousands of devotees flock to the town of Lumding to take part in the annual festival that starts in the month of March and ends in April.

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