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The website Drumcoetc.com is the website that belongs to Georgia-based The Drum Connection. This online platform indicates all services and products that are on offer to Metro Atlanta clients. Almost all necessary services that are directly related to drums, from percussion tuning and private instructions to tuning, are provided by the company. The details of all these are indicated on the website.

What can you find on Drumcoetc.com?

Besides the wide range of services you can find on the website, there are several varieties of Perk Pouch stick bags that you can shop for. Be it for Institutional, commercial, or professional need, these bags are perfect for all needs.

The website indicates that the Perk Pouch that it sells on its platform is made using earth-friendly fabric and is durable. What’s more, they’re made in America and can be custom-developed to suit your requirements. So, if you want to monogram or company/school logo engraved on it, then it’s possible. You just need to visit the Perk shop for this.

On the website, you’ll also find a Work Shop section. Here, you can request for quotes for on-site concierge repair services. Be it Tenor Drums or Bass Drums, Congas or Snare Drums, services are available for all of them and many more. Also, percussive training is available to those that are interested in Snare, Bass, Cymbals, and others.

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