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Developed by bankruptcy attorneys and technology professionals, is a unique platform that helps bankruptcy firms save their time and money by simplifying several processes. What does, in reality, is help store all due certificates and diligence in one place. Put in simple words, this platform streamlines the entire bankruptcy process for firms that handle them.

The website can be accessed both in English and Spanish. Both Attorneys, as well as Clients, can open an account on the website and use it. On the website, there are separate sections for Debtor education, Credit counseling, and Attorney. Also, there is a blog section in which finer details of bankruptcy processes and related information can be gathered by users.

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Whether it is for Pre-Bankruptcy Credit Counseling or Debtor Education Course, there are plenty of offers in store on the website. If you’re new to the services offered on the platform and want to try out before you give your consent, there is a free demo available. Also, to keep you abreast of the blog, exclusive offers, and various tips, there is a newsletter the company brings out regularly that you can subscribe to. Another way to remain in touch with the offerings of the company is to follow them on social media like Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter.

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