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When you try visiting, you’ll be taken to a website called This means the website has changed its domain or is currently unavailable. The latter website we are going to talk about here promises you making some serious money in taking up paid surveys online.

When you visit this website, you’ll come across the author’s statement of the possibility of making $3,500 a week for just taking some out in participating in online surveys. Furthermore, Jason White, the author, wants you to look at his proof that is in the form of a video, snapshots of his check, e-mail invites, and PayPal account.

Jason, through his website, is keen to share the finer details on how to make huge amounts of money consistently by providing valuable suggestions and feedback that big multi-billion dollar companies are always after for their services and products. The author assures you of getting freedom whilst enabling you and your family to lead a decent life and travel to places you always wished to.

What do you need to do to get going?

  1. Provide your First Name against the space provided for it.
  2. Provide your e-mail address against the space provided for it.
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