– Grower Survey of Agricultural Management Practices

The website is an online platform on which users are required to complete a set of survey questions. There are a set of Best Management Practices or BMPs that are intended to be implemented on irrigated parcels. The survey questions that are available on have been formulated keeping this in mind.

To complete the survey that is available on the website, you need to agree with the Conditional Waiver that is set for the Los Angeles Region. According to the website, for the Conditional Waiver to apply, it is important that the Best Management Practices are put into action when water quality isn’t meeting the standards during the time of monitoring.

How to use

Using the website is really simple and there aren’t many steps you need to follow.

  1. Provide your Login details
  2. Provide your Password
  3. Click ‘Submit’ button

There are separate links available for the website in case you need a Username or forgot the existing one.

For all the questions you have with regard to the survey, there is an FAQ section on the website. Also, if you need a preview of what this survey is all about, then click ‘Survey Preview’ that is in the top section of the web page.

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