– Financial Assistance Available website is either down or non-existent. It is also possible that users are looking for a similar worded website called When you visit, the first thing that catches your attention is the detail about the program itself. In fact, the concept is supported by a government benefit program called LifeLine. The program is applicable only to subscribers that are enrolled in it.

According to the website, the eligibility requirements will change depending on the State you reside in. Furthermore, only one person from a household is eligible for this program. The platform lists out the brands that are associated with it, besides providing details about the services provided by them.


Those eligible and planning to enroll in Financial Assistance Available program can contact the company either by phone or direct correspondence. There are separate support phone numbers available for technical assistance and queries on enrollment and plan changes. The support services are available to users all through the week, between 8 am and 11:45 pm, EST.

Customers that are already registered for this program need to provide their phone number or phone serial number while contacting the company for some assistance. Also, besides English, the website can be accessed in Spanish.

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