Drumcoetc.com – The Drum Connection

The website Drumcoetc.com is the website that belongs to Georgia-based The Drum Connection. This online platform indicates all services and products that are on offer to Metro Atlanta clients. Almost all necessary services that are directly related to drums, from percussion tuning and private instructions to tuning, are provided by the company. The details of all these are indicated on the website. Continue reading “Drumcoetc.com – The Drum Connection”

Startfreshbk.com – Bankruptcy Solutions

Developed by bankruptcy attorneys and technology professionals, Startfreshbk.com is a unique platform that helps bankruptcy firms save their time and money by simplifying several processes. What Startfreshbk.com does, in reality, is help store all due certificates and diligence in one place. Put in simple words, this platform streamlines the entire bankruptcy process for firms that handle them. Continue reading “Startfreshbk.com – Bankruptcy Solutions”

Miamigraduation.com – Get Set for the Day!

Miamigraduation.com is the website that has been designed and developed to help you provide more information about the graduation program of the University of Miami. The website Miamigraduation.com is fairly simple to use. What’s more, it can be accessed in two different languages – English and Spanish. When you visit the website, there are a couple of things that will catch your attention almost immediately. One of these is to enter your login details and the other is the possibility of accessing the website in two different languages. Continue reading “Miamigraduation.com – Get Set for the Day!”

Aarc-people-search.com – Free Background Check and Phone Scan

The website Aarc-people-search.com is an online platform wherein users can perform reverse phone lookup or does a complete background check. Aarc-people-search.com clearly states on its platform that there is a free scan that users can take advantage of. If they’re satisfied and want a detailed report, then they can opt for a premium service. In opting for the paid or premium service, users will need to pay a monthly fee or a onetime fee that will enable them to access detailed reports online. Users are required to select an appropriate category on which research will be carried out. Continue reading “Aarc-people-search.com – Free Background Check and Phone Scan”

Riverbayvotes.com – Co-op-City

The website Riverbayvotes.com is an online platform that has been designed and developed to carry out an election process for 2018. Riverbayvotes.com is a fairly easy-to-use website wherein the user only needs to provide a Code and a PIN to get access to the website and cast his or her vote. As per the website, the election process is scheduled to close on May 23, 2018, at 9:00 pm EST. The voter is required to press the ‘Continue’ button on the website to cast his or her vote. For any clarification or if you need any technical assistance, you can make use of a phone number and an e-mail address provided on the platform. Continue reading “Riverbayvotes.com – Co-op-City”

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