Domainsigma helps you to analyze any domain profile. You can find information about whois records (find out when a website was registered and by whom), IP information (what are the IPs used by the domain, and where are they located), Reverse IP (domains located on the same IP), reverse Whois (domains owned by the same entity) etc. You can also get complete information on DNS records, meta tags, server response headers etc.

Many services let you see the current information about these factors, but on DomainSigma you can find historical data as well. We provide historical charts for social indicators e.g., Facebook Likes, Facebook Comments etc, website ranking indicators e.g., Alexa Rank, Pagerank and more.

Our service tracks large number of domains, and the data is continuously updated and verified to produce the most accurate and up to date reports on the domains. To checkout our service, just type in the domain of any website in the search box below, and get an instant report.

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